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We accept only paid guest post, If you are interested in write for us business, Then send an e-mail to business.ximrock@gmail.com

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Write for Us business

MobileSpects is a robust and reliable platform for bloggers across the world. Whether you’re a freelancer or associated with an IT company, we invite you to write a fresh piece of content for us.
We welcome unique and original content from aspiring bloggers and tech enthusiasts.
When we say original content, your content must pass the plagiarism test and uniqueness should be there in thoughts and representation.

Your post should not be posted anywhere before we publish it. We reserve the right to remove your post anytime without notifying if we find that it is already published elsewhere before our blog.
Your content should meet our standards and should be relevant to any of our categories like Apple, Samsung, Tech News, Product Reviews, etc.
Once accepted, your content will get our ownership, which means that we have every right to alter, modify, edit, and delete any part/s of your post.

You can (and should) put your company’s link in Author Bio. It’s okay if you put one link of your company’s products/services or blog in the body. But it will be a NOFOLLOW links, For do follow links you have to pay. 
Usually, our team of editors takes a week’s time for taking a decision regarding the post. But, allow us at least fifteen days in case of heavy inflow of the content.

You can send your post to another platform if it is not published on Mobile Spects in fifteen days of sending. We do send an email in case of approval, but by no means, you can contact us in the case of rejection. However, if you are interested in sending us another blog, you can do so without hesitation.
After submitting one blog, please do not send the other blog before a week. It will help us evaluate your content in a proper way.
We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any post at any point.
Please go through the Writing Guidelines before submitting your blog.

Writing Guidelines

  1. Your post should be of or more than 600 words
  2. Please send us an image (with necessary credit) or graph (with a source link) with your post, we will NOT publish your post if it won’t have an image/graph
  3. Do not use any pompous words and keep your language simple
  4. Your post should be informative and engaging for our esteemed readers
  5. Do not put more than one link of your company’s pages/blog in the body
  6. It is mandatory to give source links if you mention any quote, number, or any latest information
  7. Please maintain the flow and tone of your content. It will be an added advantage for you if you will take care of readability of your post!
  8. We just hate plagiarism and rewriting. Please avoid using tools like Article Spinner. You can write way better than it!
  9. Use bullet points, numbers, and other writing tools to make your post more appealing and effective
  10. Please take care of punctuation marks, spellings, and basic grammar-related aspects to avoid rejection of your post.

Topics We Accept in write for us business

The majority of our audience comprises people and teams from various organizational areas that are searching for advice, best practices, and guidelines on how to start a business, establish brands, and interact visually.

We only accept explicit, appealing content that falls into the following areas. We strive to select a credible library of knowledge and insights to which people may refer to learn and become better businesses and marketers.

  • How to start a Business
  • Grow Your Business 
  • Start your own Business
  • Online Business 
  • Business Services
  • Online Banking
  • Business Loan
  • Business Plans
  • Content Marketing for SEO
  • Small Business
  • What is business intelligence
  • Business Management
  •  Finances
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business News
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media 
  • Technology Business 
  • Business Concepts 
  • Online Education
  • Startup Fundamentals
  • Home and Garden
  • CryptoCurrency
  • Insurance
  • Trading in Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance
  • Gas/Electricity
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Donate
  • Conference
  • Degree
  • Credit
  • Upcoming Mobile Phones Like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi Redmi (MI), Oppo, Vivo, and etc.
  • Latest Technology Trends
  • Tech News
  • Product Reviews
  • Vehicle (Car and Bike) Reviews
  • Game Reviews
  • App Reviews
  • Education
  • Marketing (SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.)
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If you want to post out of our category please tell us, We will accept your post, Thank you

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