KalingaPatnam Jeeva (2022) Full Movie [Download]

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KalingaPatnam Jeeva (2022) Full Movie [Download]

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Kalinga Patnam Jeeva details


Movie TitalKalingapatnam Jeeva
Release date26 August 2022
Release DayFriday
Star CastKalingapatnam Jeeva the Drama movie features Rithwik Chillikeshala, Chithra Shukla, Bindu Nuthakiy , Uma Maheshwara
DirectorRithwik Chillikeshala
ProducerRithwik Chillikeshala
EditarRithwik Chillikeshala
WriterRithwik Chillikeshala


Kalingapatnam Jeeva (2022) Movie Download 1080p filmyzilla

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