iPhone: how to record your screen on video in iPhone and iPad

Learn how to take a video screenshot on your iPhone.


Since the release of iOS 14, Apple has enabled iPhone and iPad users to take screen recordings without having to go through a third-party app. We have listed the steps for you to perform a screen record on iPhone.


How to Record Screen on iPhone



How to Record Screen on iPhone


To be able to access the feature, your device must have iOS 14 or any later version. Before starting your first screen recording, you need to add the associated shortcut to your control center:


  • Go to the  Settings app ,
  • Select the  Control Center menu ,
  • Click on the  Add button represented by a small green + icon,
  • Choose  Screen recording  and validate.





Once the icon has been added to your control center, here is the procedure to follow to start a video capture on your iPhone:

  • Scroll lightly at the top right of your screen to access the iPhone control center,
  • Tap the screen recording shortcut represented by a dot surrounded by a circle, then wait for the countdown of 3 seconds,
  • To stop recording, click on the small red icon located at the top left of your screen, then select  Stop .


You can find your entire screen recording in the  Photos app , in video format. It is possible to switch apps, and continue to use your iPhone as normal while recording.


Useful information to know about screen recording

To optimize your recordings, here is a list of useful information to know:


  • Notifications continue to appear normally during a video capture of the screen, to cut them remember to activate the  Do not disturb mode.
  • You cannot record your screen and use Screen  Mirroring at the same time.
  • Some applications do not allow you to record sound during your screen record.
  • The end of recording message is automatically filmed and included in the video by the iPhone, to delete it and obtain a clean rush, go to the  Photos application , and modify your video by cutting the desired passage at the end.


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