How to fix a noisy refrigerator door, fix it now by your self

The ‘ One Door Refrigerator Noisy ‘ problem is one of the things that bothers many refrigerator owners. Because I don’t know if the noise that occurs during use is abnormal or not, what caused it, and is it dangerous? For anyone who has face these problems, do not panic. Because the noise of the refrigerator is normal.

But not all sound that comes out from the refrigerator is normal. Because some loud sounds can be a bad sign as well. Then let’s try to see a little better what kind of sound is normal. And what kind of noise is not normal, along with how to fix it in the first place.

How to fix a noisy refrigerator door, fix it now by your self

1 door refrigerator, what is the noise caused by each type of sound?

A refrigerator can be noise for many reasons. and the resulting sound come out from refrigerator may be of a different nature. There is many solution as follows.

Unusual noise refrigerator

If your One Door Refrigerator is louder than usual from the one you’ve used first. Let’s explore the base of the refrigerator. by which it may be caused by whether the support leg is tilted or not locked Or in another case, it may be caused by the operation of the compressor as well. Also, setting the distance of the refrigerator that is too wall-mounted. May cause the refrigerator to not cool properly. and resulting in the refrigerator making a loud noise.


The refrigerator sounds like a flying bee.

With this sound that many people are familiar. because it is considered the normal working sound of the refrigerator There will be a loud humming sound like a bee hovering around for several time and then cutting. or loud for an hour and then cut If you hear this noise, don’t panic until you have to buy a new one or have it repaired. Because it is a normal sound that can occur in all models of refrigerators. It depends on how loud the refrigerator is – how loud or how long it lasts.

The refrigerator made a louder noise, look like someone is knocking.

When you heard the knocking, knocking, as if someone was knocking, you was naturally shocked. Because it’s not the normal sound of the refrigerator. But this sound was not as dangerous as you thought. Because in fact, it is the sound of automatic defrosting cycles that can occur in the refrigerator.


The refrigerator sounds like continue running water.

It is the sound of water or refrigerator liquid flowing through the valve or pipe. It may sound like boiling or running water in the background. It’s a normal sound.



The refrigerator is noisy all of the time.

If it’s a newer refrigerator, it’s not uncommon for it to be noisy all the time. Because it is caused by the sound of the compressor running all of the time. There may be some noise according to the strength of the rotation But of course, if it’s too loud, it’s starting to show unusual signals.

Each refrigerator noise is a normal noise that can occur while the compressor or motor is running. If the sound is not too loud or unusually long It’s not something to worry about. Unless the sound was unheard of before. Or is it an unusual sound like a shock? If so, you should unplug it and get a mechanic to fix it. Or send it to a service center to check for the cause and fix it for safe use.

Better to know, in general, modern refrigerators. especially the inverter refrigerator There will be a silent feature included. which if your friends’ refrigerators have that feature and are noisy to assume that the refrigerator There may be a malfunction Suggest you try to call a technician to come and see.

How to reduce the noise of the refrigerator by defrosting properly. that is both safe and easy

defrosting properly

Because many models of one-door refrigerators still use a push-button defrost system. Users often have to constantly defrost the freezer and clean it themselves. Today, there is a simple and safe defrost method for you.


Press the defrost button of the refrigerator

There is a button in the freezer that you can press to defrost. Most of them are red buttons. Press the button once to start defrosting.

Unplug the refrigerator

After the ice has melted, unplug the refrigerator. Because if plugged in, there is a risk of danger or electric shock.

Try to let the ice melt on its own.

Let the ice melt on its own. Instead of using a knife or sharp object to pry or pry the ice. Because it may cause the wires to leak or damage. resulting in danger when activated. Or if anyone can’t wait, they can bring hot water or warm water into a basin and place it in the refrigerator or freezer. for hot vapors to evaporate This will help the ice melt faster.

find a container for ice

If there is a lot of ice on the island You should find a container to place the ice for ease of pouring and to help prevent the ice from falling into the refrigerator until it becomes messy.


After the ice has melted, you can start cleaning the refrigerator. By using a sponge or clean cloth to dry the inner, outer wall, rubber edge and corners, then wait for it to dry completely before plugging in to use.



Making noise in one door refrigerator is still a common problem by these days. But it’s not such a serious problem. Most will go away on their own within a day to a week, but if you try to let it go. and fix it according to the method that mobilespects has tell all of them but still not better, Then this work will have to turn to the technician at the service center anyway.

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