How to Bypass a DNS Block

Learn how to change your DNS settings in case of blocking.   Often unknown to the general public, DNS (Domain Name System) servers are the first intermediaries between our devices and websites. They are used permanently, and make it possible to obtain the IP addresses linked to the domain names sought. Sometimes they cause problems … Read more

What is the universal charger?, what will be the major changes in universal chargers?

  An imposed universal chargers: for which devices?   It’s official news! The European Union has voted for universal charger for the most commonly used small and medium-sized electronic devices like: “mobile phones, tablets, in-ear headphones, e-readers, headphones and earphones, digital cameras, portable video game consoles and portable speakers”.   Thus, USB Type-C will be … Read more

Android: how to back up your data, photos, SMS and contacts

  Are you looking for solutions to effectively backup your data from your Android device? Here are 4 tips for you.   Backup your data with Google Enable Auto Backup on Android For many cases exposed in these tips, you must first activate automatic data backup on your phone. This feature is indeed faster and … Read more

5 tips to save your Android phone’s battery

Some smartphones are very greedy, their battery life rarely lasts 24 hours. To improve the lifespan of these, and by extension that of your phone, here are some tips How to monitor battery status First, it is necessary to take stock of the various causes of the loss of battery life. To know the status of your … Read more