5 tips to save your Android phone’s battery

save your Android phone's battery

Some smartphones are very greedy, their battery life rarely lasts 24 hours. To improve the lifespan of these, and by extension that of your phone, here are some tips

How to monitor battery status

First, it is necessary to take stock of the various causes of the loss of battery life. To know the status of your battery and spot the power draining features, you can do the following.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Battery
  3. Then on Battery usage

You’ll get a detailed overview of which features and apps used the most power during the last hours of use. You can also activate the battery saving function here.

save your Android phone's battery



Limit power-hungry apps running in the background

Applications are among the main functions of your device. The more you use them, the more they will require the battery to operate. Periodically, close all the applications you have recently used by pressing the task manager button (often represented by the square in the Android button bar) and clicking on “delete everything”. This will prevent apps from spinning.

Other applications also work in the background, that is to say without having displayed them on the screen, to synchronize content, send notifications, geographical positions, etc. These background functions are also very power-hungry. In the battery usage menu (see previous point), you will see the applications that use the most battery. By tapping on these applications, the device will offer you to uninstall or force stop. Click on force stop.

To restart an app that you force quit, open it as you normally do. If the problem recurs after starting an app that you stopped, you can uninstall it.

For some apps, you can enable Restrict background activity.

Limit power-hungry apps running in the background


Limit screen brightness

The screen is also one of the elements that uses the most battery, if you use your phone very regularly in a day. To avoid draining the battery too quickly, you can postpone the deadline by lowering the brightness of your screen.

On your phone, swipe down from the notification bar. You’ll open the menu of features you can turn on or off, and you’ll also see the screen brightness bar. Lower the brightness to the minimum possible.

You can also adjust the brightness from the device settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap View > Brightness Adaptation
  3. Activate Brightness adaptation

The screen brightness will automatically adjust according to the ambient light of the device.

Limit screen brightness

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Disable notification led

If your device has a notification led, you can turn it off to save power.

This function is also in the features menu, accessible from the notification bar.

Note however that the led of your phone consumes very little battery!

Disable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / GPS

In the same way, you can deactivate the functions of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and geolocation of the device, which are all three power-hungry. It is highly recommended to make use of these features only when you need them and to disable them after you no longer need them. Incredible battery times will be saved as a result. Note, however, that on some phones, GPS is used to activate Wi-Fi at the right time (when you are at home, for example): here, GPS can therefore help to extend battery life.

Remove keyboard vibration

Finally, you can save battery life by turning off your device’s keyboard sound and vibration settings. Depending on the keyboard you are using , you will find a key with a toothed key symbolizing settings. By pressing it, you can activate or deactivate the vibration on key presses, the length of the vibration, the sound on each key, etc.


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