19+ tips for your Android smartphone in 2022

Locate your Android phone, block unwanted calls, listen to YouTube with the screen off, record a call… Here are 20 tips for your Android smartphone!

block unwanted calls, listen to YouTube with the screen off, record a call
All our advice to take advantage of all the features of your Android smartphone. Photo credits: iStock / guvendemir

With 75.2% of the mobile market share in the world, Android is the operating system used by many smartphones. In order to better configure your device and adapt it to your needs, we offer a list of tips.


1. How to block unwanted calls

With the new versions of Android, it becomes easier and easier to block calls from unwanted numbers on your phone. The easiest and fastest method is as follows:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Enter the “Call log” or “Recent calls” menu
  3. Select the unwanted number or contact and press and hold
  4. Click on “Block number” in the menu that has just appeared. You can perform the same manipulation to unblock a number

Note: for Xiaomi and Huawei phones, it is necessary to first create a contact card with the unwanted number to be able to block it.

To unblock a number that no longer appears in the log or view your blacklist:


  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Open the menu with the three dots and go to the settings
  3. Select Calls > All Calls > Auto Reject List


2. How to record a phone conversation
There is no internal Android functionality to record phone conversations. If call recording applications are however available on the Play Store, it is possible that most of them no longer work with the arrival of Android Pie, Google having chosen to restrict the development of this type of application. application for legal reasons in some countries.
The only known exception is that of the MIUI overlay from the manufacturer Xiaomi, where it is possible to activate call recording in the settings.
Another trick to record a call on Android is to:
  • download a dictaphone application on Android,
  • start recording before the call,
  • put the call on speakerphone.


3. How to listen to YouTube in the background

To listen to YouTube in the background on your smartphone:

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your phone
  1. Enter the YouTube URL in the search bar (don’t go to the app!)
  1. On YouTube, click on the little dots at the top of the window and select “Computer version”
  1. Launch your music, minimize the window. If the music pauses after the window is minimized, click the play button in the notification strip.
How to listen to YouTube in the background
4. How to disable geolocation on Android (and Google)
On Android, disabling location is simple. Open your notifications menu and click on the icon to enable/disable GPS tracking.
To prevent Google from saving your location history, go to the Maps app on your smartphone:
  1. Once on the map, click on the menu in the search bar > Settings > Personal Content, and scroll down the menu until you find the location settings.
  2. In this menu, you can view the location history, delete all or part of the location history.
5. Configure the “find my device” feature
  • Open your phone’s Settings app
  • Click on “Security and Location” or on Google > Security, depending on your device
  • Tap on Find my device and enable the option if it is disabled


6. How to share your connection with a mobile, PC or tablet

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile hotspot and tethering
  2. Enable mobile hotspot to share a wireless connection or select “USB Modem” mode to share your phone’s connection with a USB cable

7. How to backup your Android phone data

Note: it is possible to activate the automatic data backup function when configuring your device for its first use. Next :

  1. Go to Settings, find the backup menu and select “Data backup”.
  2. Select where you want to store your data, make sure you have enough space.

Some manufacturers offer software to allow you to make a backup of your device and keep all the data (application, contacts, SMS, etc.) from your computer, here is the list:


8. Manage subscriptions and payments on Android

To manage your subscriptions on Android:

  1. Open the Google Play app and go to the menu represented by three overlapping bars
  2. Click on Subscriptions
  3. Find the applications to which you have subscribed to manage your offers

9. How to configure credit cards and Paypal account on Android

To manage payment methods on Android:

  1. Open the Google Play app and go to the menu represented by three overlapping bars
  2. Open the “Payment methods” menu: in this insert you can add a credit or debit card, add a paysafecard, add a Paypal account or even use a promotional code

Note: by returning to the Google Play menu, you can also find the “Settings” box below, in which you can activate or deactivate parental controls, moderate purchases with fingerprint authentication, etc.

10. How to uninstall system apps on Android

There are two solutions to remove apps installed by default on an Android device. The first is to simply disable apps from Settings:

  1. Go to the Settings app on the device
  2. Select the application management menu
  3. View the list of all apps and select the one you want to remove
  4. Then press disable

If you wish to reactivate this application, you will have to follow this same path and click on “reactivate”. This method does not completely delete the applications and these still remain in the phone’s memory. However, this prevents them from running and removes the shortcut icon in the device.

For security and device integrity issues, do not remove system apps. These are called: com.android.email, com.android.gallery3d, com.android.soundrecorder etc.

The second solution is to root your Android device. By rooting your phone, you gain administrator rights to the device, so you can fully control it. The operation is not without risk and the method differs according to phone models and Android versions. Be sure to do your research before you start rooting an Android device. If with this method the deletion of application is facilitated, a bad manipulation can transform your smartphone into a simple inert brick.

11. How to change your PIN code

  1. On your smartphone, go to the security or phone lock settings.
  2. Select SIM card lock menu > change your PIN

12. How to transfer contacts between two Android phones

Your contacts are automatically synchronized to your Google account. But if you prefer to go through a solution other than Google to synchronize and save your contacts on your phone, there are several methods.

  1. Go to settings > backup and restore > back up my data
  2. Select the backup settings and select the data you want to transfer (here contacts, but also messages, applications, etc.)
  3. Once the backup file is created, you can store it or send it to the Cloud and transfer it to your other smartphone

Another option:

  1. Go to your phone book
  2. Select the option “Export Contacts” or “Manage Contacts” depending on your phone model
  3. Your phone will create a file in .vcf or .csv format that you can transfer to your other smartphone. This can be done via cloud sharing or file transfer via USB.

13. How to import contacts from iPhone

  1. In the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” menu of your iPhone, click on the option “Add a Google account”.
  2. During the synchronization step, select your contacts to transfer. Your iPhone contacts will be automatically synced with the Google account.
  3. Once on your Android phone, your data will sync when you log in to your Google account.

Another option:

  1. On iCloud, go to the Contacts page and export them in vCard format. Refer to the procedure above to transfer them to Android.
  2. On iTunes, go to the “information” menu and synchronize your contacts with Google Contacts.

14. How to sync Gmail and Android contacts

To sync your contacts between Gmail and those on your Android phone:

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Select your menu regarding your accounts and synchronization
  3. Click on your Gmail account > synchronize the desired data

15. How to save your Android phone’s battery

The causes of loss of battery life are numerous, as are the solutions to save energy. Find our complete guide to saving battery on your smartphone .

16. How to personalize your Android phone: themes, applications, keyboards, widgets…

Do you want to give a little more personality to your phone, images, colors, atmospheres that suit you? Here is for you our complete file to know how to personalize your Android smartphone .

17. How to backup your data, photos, SMS and contacts

Like many electronic devices, the smartphone has a limited lifespan. To make sure you don’t lose any data in the event of loss, theft or simply changing your phone, learn how to back up your documents on our dedicated article.

18. How to free up storage space on your Android phone

Your internal memory is full and you want to clean up to save a few GB of storage? Here are our solutions to free up memory on your smartphone .

19. How to reset an Android smartphone

Do you need to reset your smartphone to factory settings ? Find our article to know how to do it.

20. How to Disable Facebook Background Location on Android

We all know that Facebook can sometimes be somewhat intrusive… To be sure that the application does not spy on your every move, find our tip for deactivating geolocation .


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